HAARP: Tesla Tech Array Exposed – How Man Made Australia’s Red Wave

Australia’s Red Wave. When you saw it, did something hit you in the pit of your stomach? Did you feel as if you were looking at the handiwork of evil?

This was quite a balancing act. They couldn’t let the dust come in contact with the water, or it would lose it’s cohesion and drop right in. So they had to suspend the dust. It wasn’t like the friction between the ground and a dust storm. On arid ground, without anything to absorb the dust, it just keeps going and going, building and building. But water is a kill joy to any dust storm. That’s why this is the first one ever seen over water in the history of mankind. (As far as I know.)

TTA = Tesla Tech Array

The Navy, Darpa and “United States Air Force Technical Applications Center (AFTAC) is tasked with monitoring compliance of nuclear test ban treaties for the US. USAEDS is the Hydroacoustic Data Acquisition System (HDAS).

The HDAS consists of underwater sensor systems linked to shore facilities with undersea data transmission cables…”
Ascension Island Hydroacoustic Data System

But this is merely the cover story, as Nuclear Detection is only 1 of the many complex missions and capabilities of these hydroacoustic TTA systems.

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